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As Operating and Co-Pastor here at Trinity I would like to invite you to be my special guest at any and all of our worship services. You are important to the kingdom of God and we offer this small word of prayer for you:

God we thank you for this opportunity to speak this word of prayer over this individual.  We ask that you grant them peace and understanding, prosperity and favor. God let your will be done in their life as you grant them grace and mercy. Speak to their heart Holy Spirit and give them new life in you God. Thy will be done Lord touch, heal, deliver, and set free in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It is so, we thank you God, and we praise your name for all is well. AMEN

We want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with us. You may click here to go directly to out contact us page. We also ask that you partner with us and be one of our PRAISE IN ACTION (PIA) supporters.


PIA supporters are a vital part of our ministry support. It is because of your tax-deductible donation that we continue to operate our various support service programs in the community. Our outreach efforts minister to the total community with various human service programs.  To learn more about our programs click here.
Rev. Dr. C. L. Davis



Greetings to you from our church family.  God has truly been good to us.  He has brought over many obstacles, trials, and tribulations.  Most important thing we must remember is that he has never left us.

Just Know!  The Joy of the Lord is your Strength. Never let anyone steal your joy. Things and issues will come to try to steal your joy but God has a plan.  There is a way for you to escape the pressures of the world.  Just trust in God and He will bring things out alright. You can’t change people so don’t let them change you. Never let them take you to a place where joy cannot live.

I hope that you and your family join us every Sunday for a high time of worship and to give God all the Praise and Honor due to him.  

Remember he will bless you Name by Name and Street by Street.

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