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Who We Are



Welcome to Trinity Resurrection United Church, a thriving, welcoming non-denominational group of believers. Trinity is a praise church that offers worshipers a loving spirit filled environment of members that love God. With an array of religious, and human services we minister to the total community. We are committed to praise and believe the bible is the inspired word of God. We believe in the Trinity; God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Comforter the Holy Spirit. We believe in salvation through Christ Jesus. There is always an open invitation to any and all of our worship services.


We are a spirit led congregation led by our Pastor, Minister Shirley Davis; and her father our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. C.L. Davis. Through their anointed leadership we are led with ministering, prayer and teaching of the word of God.


Our church has open arms and at Trinity you will find an environment rich in understanding, and assistance helping to transform the lives of our community. We are disciples of God and his instruments helping followers of the faith to deepen their understanding and connection to Him.


By creating many programs for people of all ages and trades, we help our members come together in faith and in everyday life. Trinity's mission is to spread God's love. With a message of acceptance of all races and denominations, we seek to bring the community together under a common understanding of faith. We seek to enact community outreach programs demonstrating the love of our Lord and savior. By doing this, we effectively aid our members and community just as we are taught to do in the scriptures. By standing squarely within the intersection of faith and life Trinity will always remain an effective way to gain direction.


Trinity is able to provide its members a fun and exciting experience. We seek to provide a sanctuary for growth so that members gain a deeper intimacy with God and a stronger relationship with each other. Trinity's members and staff are here for you; so we invite you to come and experience God's love with us and allow Trinity to usher you into our loving community. Together we are one church!


One Lord One Faith an One Baptism. Together we grow, together we are strong, together we can do great things.
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