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Up From The Basement

Our current location, which is our church sanctuary, is the basement of the church. Years ago, in the 1980’s we saved funds to build an actual church building. However, an unscrupulous contractor left with all the money putting a basement slab with nothing else. With no money remaining we were forced to put a roof on the basement slab which is where we have been located ever since. Trinity is surrounded by larger churches that has given us nicknames such as the underground church or the "Basement".

Each Monday we transform our sanctuary into our not-for-profit organization bringing out large storage racks to set up our client choice food pantry. In our pantry we display items so clients can shop and select items each week like a "Real" grocery store. Our small dining room has become the stock room for the pantry and the rear of the church is our workspace for our human service programs.

These programs help clients with utility grant payments, water bill payments, property tax assistance for the seniors, benefit assistance for the disabled, Illinois State Police Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP), court ordered community service opportunities, and Youth to Excellence youth mentoring programs. 

Our Senior Pastor is a World War II Veteran, and our Pastor is our Minister of Music and Business Administrator. In our organization and ministry no one receives any compensation or salary. Workers here are the utmost face of the word volunteer.

Our family is truly diverse, and ages range from newborn through the nineties. We are in the trenches that really fight the good fight and, in the end, will be the avenue that really wins the war.

Visit to donate and help us reach our goal and make a difference.

Below are pictures of some of our programs we host in our one location.  We transfer our sanctuary from a Food Pantry, Meeting Space for Outreach,  LIHEAP and Weatherization Location, to a place of Worship every week.  We have even sacrficed our dining area to hold thousands of pounds of food for our community.

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